About Us

Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion has been providing the best Japanese fusion recipes since 2010. We are committed to delight our customers with unique and distinctive Japanese recipes so we’ve integrated the best Latin sauces and ingredients into our menus.

We pride ourselves to provide the best culinary dishes and service and enjoy when we see a grateful expression in our client’s face after tasting our Japanese dishes which are created from the finest ingredients.

We became famous thanks to our delicious seafood, variety of sake and beer, and our phenomenal Karaoke. People just love to come and sing their lungs out while enjoying our wonderful food.

Our fun & friendly ambience, entertaining karaoke, excellent events, and mouth-watering dishes with exquisite and distinctive flavors is what keeps our customers coming back for more over and over again.

In our menu you will find great tasting Japanese dishes with a Latin fusion; such as Poke tuna tostadita, cevicheladas, or The Crazy Mexican Roll. Our talented chefs are experts in seafood and only offer dishes made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

The lively ambience, our great variety of sake and beers and our exquisite menu has made Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion the Japanese restaurant of choice in California.

Our Story

We’ve always loved sushi and beer. In 2008 the craft beer was gaining ground and we wanted to create something unique with a similar concept as Yardhouse karaoke with great food and an environment where people could have fun & enjoy our mouth-watering food. Since we wanted to create something outstanding yet different, I learned different menus and added the Latin fusion integrating some of the best Latin sauces & ingredients into our menu. So that’s how we created Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion.

At Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion you won’t only find delicious seafood, a variety of sake and beer, you will also enjoy our phenomenal Karaoke and our outstanding DJ’s.


Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion is committed to provide exquisite Japanese food and explore ways to create new menu items from superior ingredients. Our goal is to make Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion widely known as California’s best Sushi Roll and Brew House gathering place, where you won’t only enjoy excellent music and have a wonderful time with friends and family, but you will delight your palate with the most exquisite Japanese cuisine. But don’t take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.


We take pride in providing our customers the most exquisite Japanese food and the best ambience where they can enjoy and have a great time with their friends and family. Find exquisite dishes, our Japanese restaurant and past events where everyone is having a stupendous time. Our authentic Japanese cuisine will definitely blow your mind and have you coming back!