Our Loyalty Program

As a Bambooze Sushi ’s rewards member, you get rewarded every time you dine in with us. It’s never been so simple! We know that you can choose anywhere else to dine in and we appreciate your loyalty to Bambooze Sushi . And because of your loyalty to Bambooze Sushi and consistently trying our delicious and healthy Japanese food, we want to give back by providing a loyalty points program where you spend and earn at the same time.

Earn Amazing Rewards with Authentic Fresh Japanese Cuisine

Our loyalty program works by giving you 100 points per each dollar spent. And you can add and save up those points however much you want onto your own account. The way it works is that once after creating an account and signing up with us you gain 100 points for every dollar spent at Bambooze Sushi . But do keep in mind that orders must be taken through our website so it only works with take-out and dine-ins. Points can’t be earned or redeemed with deliveries. Once you have enough points feel free to redeem up to 30% of your bill.

To office administrators, receptionists, secretaries or those who are planning a luncheon for your business meeting our program makes ordering authentic Japanese cuisine even more exciting. So you have to order a meal for you and so many others on a daily basis and ordering individual meals on the phone can be cumbersome. It’s never been easier with Bambooze Sushi . Simply view our menu page, choose which Japanese dish you want, add it to the cart, and get ready to earn some awesome rewards.

Let’s take some action now and start gaining some points and saving some money! View our wide variety of seafood on our menu page and order online right now. Ordering online has never been so easy and fun. Save time and order online, eat at Bambooze Sushi or order a take-out, earn amazing rewards, and know that you’ll be happy with Japanese food made fresh ingredients also saving some money at the same time!