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Some events in life are special be it your wedding day, your wife’s first baby shower function, your infant’s first birthday or 60th anniversary celebrations of your parents – all of them are special and you leave no stone unturned to make it memorable throughout life. Let’s say your upcoming event is very important to you and it’s going to be flooded with so many important guests and delegates but what if the selected venue is not up to the mark & the food quality served at the venue is not satisfactory? Here you need an expert who can guide you with your event and offer the finest catering services. Bambooze Sushi , one of the leading caterers of California, is here to take all your worries about your function and food catering.

Venue Catering at iconic locations:

For more than 6 years, Bambooze Sushi has been successfully offering catering services for all events. Since then, we’ve become the preferred choice for offering food catering no matter the event, irrespective of number of guests. Being the top notch venue caterer, you can find our catering services in some of the exotic venues across:

and nearby locations. Catering to all types of venues, you can always expect a combination of exceptional catering services and budgeted packages as per your needs from Bambooze Sushi .

Bambooze Sushi – The Venue Catering Specialist

At Bambooze Sushi , we believe that every event is personal and unique so we focus on understanding our client’s requirements in order to deliver a memorable experience that is completely tailored as per your budget. For all your events, the highly experienced & fantastic team of Bambooze Sushi believes in delivering world class venue catering services. They know exactly what it takes to ensure that your day surpasses your every expectation. Their eye for detail, seamless service and passionate approach will put you at ease.

A customized menu tailored as per your needs ensure that every guest leaves your celebration with a great taste in their mouth and a lingering impression of Bambooze Sushi . For a successful venue catering event, all you need to do is just inform us of your venue and Bambooze Sushi , with the passionate team and friendly staff will be there to make your event memorable.

Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of reasons to choose Bambooze Sushi :

  • Sourcing fresh and seasonal ingredients in our entire platter
  • Creating unforgettable moments for your guests with our exemplary catering
  • In every bite, we create tantalizing flavors tailored to your requirements
  • Offering catering services at wide variety of venues
  • Team of professional chefs and staff offering highest level of customer service
  • Incredible dining experience in all events
  • Wide array of Sushi items and other cuisine options

Through years of expertise in catering, we have become a one stop shop for all your catering needs offering unmatched dining & catering experience for all different kinds of events like birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate business events, wedding reception, holiday parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years), sporting events, business luncheons, social gatherings, barbeque (BBQ) parties and many more.

Serving our Specialty Sushi, at your venue:

Bambooze Sushi takes pride in the fact that Sushi, which is the king of Japanese cuisine, is the signature dish being served at Bambooze Sushi and in our catering menus across various events. Since 2011, our Sushi chefs have strived hard to make various delicacies of Sushi, Sushi rolls & Sushi fast food as yummy as they should be in taste with the use of fresh ingredients. The unique selling point of Bambooze Sushi ’s Sushi is its rich flavor, aroma, texture and color. We ensure that our wide varieties of platter and menu will capture your imagination and exceed your expectations. So next time if you want to gorge on some of the finest Sushi dishes near you or want your event to be of a Japanese theme cuisine, then Bambooze Sushi ’s memorable dining and catering experience is waiting.

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