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If you are passing by a neighborhood restaurant and got to smell the rich, savory smell of grilled meat, it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived. We all love simply love grilled food, as it’s a healthier choice with no added oil and fats. Many health conscious people prefer “grilled” foods over “fried” choices at restaurants as there’s no batter coating or dripping grease. Oftentimes grilled food looks good and tastes fantastic. Usually it is recognized by its smoky flavor, the grill lines that form on the food & the fresh taste of high heat cooked food for a short amount of time.

Teriyaki – Authentic Japanese grilled food

In many Japanese cuisine restaurants, chefs and cooks resort to a different method of grilling food which is called “teriyaki”. The word teriyaki is derived from “teri” which refers to a shine; also called ‘tare’ in Japanese, and yaki derived from the word yaku, which means to fry or grill.

So teriyaki is basically a traditional Japanese method of cooking wherein the food is grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. This cooking technique has been modified over years and now involves marinating or glazing meat or fish in sauce before cooking it. The authentic ingredients found in teriyaki sauce include soy sauce, mirin, (special Japanese cooking sake) sake, and sugar.

After reading about teriyaki Japanese food, you must be slobbering and looking to find out the best teriyaki and grilled food restaurant. You don’t need to find any more options as Bambooze Sushi is the ultimate dining destination if you want to experience the finest teriyaki & grilled food.

Bambooze Sushi – best teriyaki and grilled food restaurant

If you’ve heard a lot about teriyaki and Japanese grilled food from your friends & finally you’ve decided to gorge on some tasty delicacies, stop by at Bambooze Sushi . We are the ideal destination and one of the best teriyaki and grilled food restaurants in Loma Linda, California. Bambooze Sushi is a full service restaurant serving delicious platter to all grilled food and teriyaki food lovers. It’s a restaurant known for providing the authentic flavors, aroma and taste of traditional Japanese recipes. Since 2011, Bambooze Sushi has built up a reputation as the preferred Japanese restaurant for its authentic teriyaki and grilled food recipes, world class customer service and being a family friendly restaurant all offered at affordable prices. At Bambooze Sushi , our chefs and cooks always ensure that food is always fresh and is cooked with fresh ingredients. Bambooze Sushi serves authentic Japanese food, made by expert Japanese chefs.

So the next time if you want to enjoy teriyaki chicken or meat, simply book your table at Bambooze Sushi and enjoy the true flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine, at affordable prices. Not only this, if you can’t dine in, you still can enjoy our teriyaki and grilled food dishes with our pickup or delivery services.

Bambooze Sushi – for teriyaki and grilled food catering services

If your next event has a Japanese theme party and you want to have the best of Japanese cuisine especially teriyaki in your platter, then Bambooze Sushi would love to serve you with authentic Japanese food cooked by expert Japanese chefs. With quality tasty food and exceptional customer services, Bambooze Sushi has established itself as the preferred caterer for hosting events in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, San Bernardino & Redlands. Our wide platter of mouth watering Japanese cuisine menu with Sushi, sashimi and teriyaki as our specialty, is something you can’t miss. Bambooze Sushi has varying catering capabilities and can serve from small parties to large gatherings.

At Bambooze Sushi , we strongly work on the principles of:

  • Using fresh ingredients spun into delicious creations
  • Bespoke menu options with affordable pricing
  • Professional team delivering utmost customer service satisfaction

Throughout these years, we’ve offered catering services to various:

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