So you and your family are tired with the same American food and one of your dear friends recommended you to try Japanese food, so why not give us a try for a change? One thing that makes Japanese cuisine different from others is the aroma and flavors, bursting out from the dishes when served. There are so many tasty delicacies available in Japanese cuisine and one of them is our Ramen Noodles, which is the 2nd most famous dish after Sushi.

Ramen is an original Japanese noodle soup usually served with toppings of seafood, beef, chicken, spring onions, seaweed and a whole lot of veggies. It’s not instant Ramen, but you do get a nice serving of fresh noodles. Of course the soup base completely depends on your preference. So now your tongue must be drooling as to where to have this yummy Ramen noodles if you are in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, San Bernardino or Redlands. The restaurant you must visit is Bambooze Sushi .

One of the most famous Japanese food restaurants in California, Bambooze Sushi is satisfying the inner cravings of people for Japanese cuisine since 2011. Backed by a passionate team of experienced Japanese chefs, Bambooze Sushi ’s incomparable taste of Ramen Noodles is simply amazing and we bet that you won’t stop yourself in slurping, sipping, repeating and enjoying Ramen made with love.

Bambooze Sushi – A Ramen Noodles restaurant with a difference

Bambooze Sushi , in a short span of time has become a favorite place for Japanese food lovers. Working with a passion to serve the best Ramen Noodles in town, Bambooze Sushi has always strived to give the WOW effect to the entire dish with exotic flavors, aroma and texture. Here at Bambooze Sushi , you can enjoy true authentic taste of Japanese Ramen Noodles. Every meal in our menu is unique from our signature dish Sushi to Ramen – all are here to delight your senses with yummy taste. We want every customer visiting our restaurant to have a nice savory experience with our Ramen bowl.

The secret of Bambooze Sushi ’s savory Ramen Bowl lies in its soup and noodles, made from top selected ingredients with special techniques. Apart from Sushi and Ramen Noodles, the wide platter of Japanese dishes being served at Bambooze Sushi includes:

If you don’t want to dine in at our restaurant, then no worries as you can still enjoy our yummy Ramen Noodles at your sweet home or office with our take away/home delivery services.

Bambooze Sushi – serving Ramen Noodles in your events

If your upcoming theme party needs to have Japanese cuisine especially Ramen Noodles, then don’t look further for catering options and contact Bambooze Sushi right away. Being well-known in the catering industry for years, Bambooze Sushi has catered to various type of events with varied cuisine options in the platter. It doesn’t make any difference if your party is going to have 50 or 500 guests as Bambooze Sushi has gained expertise in catering to all types and sizes of events and parties. Our passionate catering services has made us stand out from the crowd and we’ve now became a caterer of choice.

Our Japanese food catering menu comprises of our signature dish Sushi, great tasting Ramen Noodles, hand-crafted Sushi rolls, Tempura, rice bowls, sea food and bento bowls – all being served at the events to delight your guests with delicious taste. Through these years, Bambooze Sushi has catered to various events viz:

Why Bambooze Sushi for Ramen Noodles dining and catering?

There are plenty of reasons people often choose us over others. Some of them include:

  • Leading Japanese cuisine restaurant & caterers with a difference
  • Specialist in Ramen with authentic Japanese flavor
  • Customized platter of healthy & nutritious meal
  • Fresh and delicious food that appeals to everyone
  • Right blend of culture and tradition in food menu
  • Catering experts offering food for all occasions

Can’t wait anymore? Stop by today at Bambooze Sushi or call on 909-796-9299 for catering of your upcoming event.