Think about being served a delicious plate containing shrimp, a lobster and a richly cooked salmon fish? Isn’t it tempting? Yes, it is..! Did you know that seafood is the most popular cuisine across the globe. In fact, in some countries, it’s the main staple food. Apart from being a staple food, sea food is the most nutritious food known to human beings. The amounts of nutrients found in seafood are of much higher levels and are not commonly found in other foods.

There are several reasons why seafood is most popular & is good for your health:

  • Sea food is a powerhouse of proteins, vitamins & minerals
  • Low in cholesterol, which is important for heart’s health
  • Contains abundant Omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent and treat number of serious diseases

With various health benefits sea food offers, your taste buds must be craving for yummy seafood. The absolute right place to enjoy the seafood is Bambooze Sushi .

Serving the wide platter of seafood since years, Bambooze Sushi has become the well-known name in Loma Linda, Colton, Riverside, San Bernardino and Redlands when it comes to choosing the best seafood restaurant. Sourcing the finest fishes, lobsters, prawns, crabs & shrimps from the local fish market, the experienced chefs at Bambooze Sushi ensure that all the ingredients sourced are fresh, hygienic and properly cleaned.

Bambooze Sushi – the popular seafood restaurant

Bambooze Sushi is a full service restaurant offering a wide selection of fresh seafood dishes for lunch & dinner. The menu is modern with an uncompromising focus on excellence, bursting with fresh flavors. So if you are feeling hungry and want to fulfill your appetite with the best sea food delicacies, then hop onto Bambooze Sushi to experience a world class dining experience followed by a soothing ambiance and exemplary customer service. The sea food prepared at Bambooze Sushi is rich in flavors, with strong aroma and smooth in texture. We are sure that your one time visit to our restaurant will make it permanent and you’ll fall in love with our taste again and again. The passionate team at Bambooze Sushi believes in creating the best Japanese restaurant that provides you with a “Great Place, Great Food, and Great Time” & to achieve this, our friendly chefs, cooks and staff will go the extra miles, beyond your expectations. We want you to leave, with a desire to come back and enjoy another meal with us.

Don’t have time dine in? Don’t worry as we also offer home delivery, pick up and take away for our entire platter of seafood items, at affordable prices, under your budget.

Bambooze Sushi – sea food catering specialist

If you are in love with seafood and want to have a comprehensive seafood platter in your upcoming sweet 16th birthday party, then who else than Bambooze Sushi can do this. Being an established name in the catering industry from years, Bambooze Sushi is the trusted caterer you can vouch for and will make your birthday party a gala event, that all your guests will remember for a lifetime. Since our inception, we have worked on the belief of “Adding taste and life to your events” with extraordinary catering services and affordable bespoke menu. Our seafood menu consists of a wide array of dishes which will enlighten your mind, body and soul. We can guarantee that once you have tasted our food, you will always call Bambooze Sushi to cater your upcoming occasions. No matter the event, we treat it in a special way to make it memorable. Because of this expertise, Bambooze Sushi has successfully managed to cater various events like:

  • Children Parties
  • New Year’s eve galas

We heartily welcome you and your family to enjoy the unmatched dining and catering experience of Bambooze Sushi . Call us on 909-796-9299 for an appointment or a consultation for your food catering menu at your next event