If you love sushi and Japanese food stop by Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion and delight yourself to the most exotic sushi dishes. Imagine being served a delicious plate of Tuna, albacore, Salmon, Octopus, Eel, Sea Urchin, Shrimp or Yellow Tail atop of our exquisite vinegared rice. Our chefs strive to provide you with the freshest and most delicious food that will satisfy the most delicate taste buds.

Our qualified and extremely talented chef only use the freshest ingredients to provide your palate with utmost experience and savor the best dishes we can offer.

At Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion you can indulge yourself with our varied menu with different types of sushi. Try our different types of sushi (tuna, albacore, salmon, halibut, octopus, freshwater eel, sea urchin, salmon roe, smelt roe, sweet shrimp, yellow tail, shrimp, and mackerel).  Our top chefs take pride in learning new creative recipes and choosing only the freshest fish and seafood.

Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion – the best sushi restaurant in Whittier, California and nearby areas

If you live in Whittier, California or its nearby cities Pico Rivera, Downey, La Mirada and City of Industry and want to have an unforgettable dining experience then Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion is your number one choice.

At Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion we have the best sushi dishes, a great variety of sake, and 40 freshly brewed beers on tap. And if that weren’t enough our friendly qualified and extremely talented staff strives to offer you a one-of-a-kind service. Our mission is to offer you an elegant and unforgettable dining experience by bringing you exotic sushi dishes, exquisite Japanese food served with our wide variety of sake and freshly brewed beer on tap.

Mouthwatering sushi with an exotic Latin taste

When it comes to savoring the best Japanese dishes with a Latin American taste, your number one choice is Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion. Our highly-talented chefs prepare sushi with the freshest ingredients so you can experience the taste of the best fish and seafood in the market served atop our vinegared rice.

Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion Downey is a great place to enjoy with friends, family, and coworkers. Enjoy our tasteful menu, our variety of sake, over 40 beers on tap, excellent DJs, and fun Karaoke in the best ambience you can find at Downey. Delight yourself with a wide selection of the best sushi rolls, hand rolls, appetizers & salads, rice teriyaki bowls, noodles, exotic desserts, and other daily specials. We have something for everybody’s taste.

Taste the freshness of our sushi at Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion, the best sushi restaurant in Whittier and nearby cities

At Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion we take pride for having qualified and talented staffs that strive to offer you the best service ever. Our chefs know how important it is to pick only fresh and high-quality ingredients. They are so passionate about each dish they make that they make sure to provide you with a unique experience combining the exquisite taste of Japanese food with that crazy touch that the Latin ingredients provide. They even love to travel to check new recipes.

If you are a sushi fanatic that wants to taste top-notch sushi, head to Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion Whittier, Pico Rivera, Downey, La Mirada, or City of Industry. Our Japanese restaurant with a Latin infusion offers a wide variety of sushi made by our passionate and talented chefs who only use fresh ingredients for every dish they make.

Are you looking to binge on tasty Japanese food with a Latin infusion and experience the best time ever with karaoke, DJs, sake and beers on tap, then Bambooze Sushi & Brew House Fusion is just what you are looking for.  What are you waiting for, call us today at (562) 696-2337 or order online and delight your taste buds with exquisite Japanese fusion food.

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